Banquet B&B plus Westeros Cycle Tour

Add this Winterfell experience to your Game of Thrones Banquet B&B at The Cuan

The cycle tour is booked separately through Winterfell Tours, only 1 mile from The Cuan, from £38.50 per person. Book the Cycle Tour Now

The Westeros self-guided cycle trail leaves Winterfell Castle and follows the demesne shoreline around to Robb’s Camp where Jamie Lannister was held captive in a cage (aka Audleys Castle). The castle perched at the top of a hill enjoys fantastic sweeping views over Strangford lough – these waters are where Brienne brought Jamie Lannister ashore in a canoe and fittingly also where St. Patrick came ashore in a boat back in the 5th Century.

Other key Game of Thrones filming locations included in the Westeros trail are:

  • Tree Branch where Brienne discovers 3 hanging bodies and confronts the Starkmen
  • Stable where Tyrion slaps Joffrey
  • Forest path where Tyrion ‘Whistles & Walks'(One of his Funniest Moments)
  • Courtyard where Theon beheads Ser Rodrik
  • Pathway of King Roberts Arrival Procession
  • Castle that Bran ‘Falls’ from
  • Field of Baelor Battle
  • Castle from Walder Freys ‘The Twins’
  • Shoreline path where Robb Stark & Talissa learn the Kingslayer has escaped
  • Tree that Robb Stark & Talissa get secretly married under
  • ‘Armory & Forge’ where Arya Starks sword ‘The Needle’ was made
  • Cottage of Winterfell brothel
    Game of Thrones Stark Sack

This tour lasts approx. 4kms along gentle flat shoreline & forest trails – allow 2 hours including photo stops)

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